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         Guangzhou Housejade oft loading design Ltd.
       Is a collection of furniture design and production, the overall software installed accessories design and sales to international vision and professional leadership spirit, decorated with soft assembly to provide customers with one-stop solutions for outstanding enterprises.
       The main design areas include:real estate model, the commercial office, star Speciality hotels, clubs, restaurants, luxury villas and other software installed accessories and a whole courtyard and an outdoor landscape design.
       To provide professional overall arrangement of the space environment, one-stop procurement and display solutions that enable customers to reduce procurement and display process cumbersome. Company designs demanding program from program conception to deepen, construction design, material selection, furniture, jewelry display configuration and rigorous at all stages of the arrangement, and the effect of the construction process, the quality for the entire monitoring.
       Companies in the Pearl River Delta region has 20,000 square meters production base, while combination of various brands and professional design team, design director for each project by the Arts and professionals together to complete the furnishings on the market and the entire process of selection to ensure that the design effect perfect present.
       Housejade, decorate your happy life for the tireless efforts of Rocky!