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Why villa decoration villa a need for professional repair co

Source:未知 Time:2013-07-17

In ordinary bedroom decoration decorating, hydropower is relatively simple designs, but for villa decoration, but not so simple. Since bedroom villa area than large room staggered also more complicated.
So we give villa decoration design time, we must pay attention to light, auxiliary light source, artistic point sources of various factors such as the rational allocation. There are strong power, weak power systems of these two important coordination and harmonization considerations, these are professional layout and design. So villa decoration is a huge construction operating system, it can no longer traditional decoration from a single organization to solve; must come from the high professional standards of design and construction, to ensure foolproof villa decoration.
Villa decoration most cases are handed over to villas interior design company to do (because of the decoration companies would usually more professional). Now here comes the company, of course, we need to consider how to choose decoration companies, as well as how the issue of cooperation with the decoration company.
Choose a good decoration company, not only to your villa design, construction, maintenance or late will make you save time, worry, and effort. How do we choose a professional villa interior decoration company do?
First we must choose a management capabilities decoration company: Why decoration to emphasize management capacity? This is because, house decoration covers a wide range of professional construction projects associated with not less than 10, the whole process will be used most of the time in between 4 to 5 months of this a few months time, the importance of process management is particularly outstanding, good companies will greatly reduce the various construction problems. So we choose interior decoration company, taking into account the company's management capabilities.
I remember looking for a second impartial third-party monitoring mechanism: spend money to buy a house, of course, it can not be careless decoration. According to each person's preferences, needs total renovation value from a few thousand to several million will have, in this renovation process, involves many aspects. If the quality of the project, only by internal staff, but did not establish an objective third-party regulatory agency, which is very unscientific approach. Construction process in the decoration of each individual, sub-test, material testing first be tested by the Project Management Division, and then by the third-party inspection company supervision and inspection report, taken under the unqualified veto system, so called reasonable arrangement. After many turns; Only through design, construction and supervision of the real separation, the formation of mutual supervision mechanism, whichever has the right to use administrative means to suppress each other in order to improve the construction process requirements, to ensure that the process of renovation of quality standards.

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